Are you ready for the future of analytics?
Prepare yourself with these five analyst reports.

Mastering the art and science of analytics in the modern data environment keeps organizations from drowning in data and on the competitive edge. In partnership with SAP, we have gathered key resources from Gartner, IDC and The Economist as a starting point to understand what's state of the art in modern analytics.

Download these whitepapers to propel your big data and analytics initiatives toward valuable insights.

  • Implementing an Analytics Strategy to Accelerate Insight

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    Organizations are investing in new analytics technologies to improve agility and performance. IDC discusses key findings in the analytics market to help organizations learn how to deliver analytics capabilities suitable for a wide range of use cases. The technology and data must come together to serve the business users under the guidance and management of IT. It is only through communication and collaboration that organizations can deliver the right analytics at the right time to the right people.

    Download this white paper for a Q and A with Brian McDonough, research manager for IDC's analytics and data warehousing software program, about new analytics technologies.

  • Cloud Business Analytics: A Step Closer to Pervasive Adoption of Decision Support Services

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    This IDC white paper describes the current and emerging states of business analytics deployments. The broad shift from on-premises to cloud deployments has begun, and IDC expects that over the next five years, spending on cloud business analytics will grow five times faster than similar on-premises solutions.

    This white paper discusses drivers and some of the roadblocks of cloud-based business analytics solution deployments and highlights the offerings from SAP in this market.

  • Competing Smarter with Advanced Data Analytics

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    In June and July 2015, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) carried out a survey of more than 300 executives who are familiar with their company’s data analytics practices. The goal was to assess trends in the use of market-facing advanced analytics.

    The survey found that companies are moving beyond first-generation big data applications based on internal assets and are reporting considerable success with innovative market-facing initiatives that use a wide range of transactional and external data. The survey also found that the biggest technical challenge was the need to identify and integrate multiple data types from both internal and external sources.

    To add insights to the survey findings, the EIU conducted interviews with several advanced analytics practitioners. This executive summary describes the top findings of this research.

  • Critical Capabilities for Cloud HCM Suites for Midmarket and Large Enterprises

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    The competitive environment for human capital management (HCM) suites is intensifying, driven by SaaS and agile development models that improve the pace of innovation. The most successful providers continue to exhibit aggressive R&D investments and sales and marketing efforts.

    HCM suite vendors are building out their offerings to address administrative, strategic and operational needs of users in multiple geographies, but solutions still vary. HR IT leaders should use this research to identify best-fit vendors based on their own critical product and service/support needs.

  • Analytics in the Cloud

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    To determine the status of analytics and business intelligence in the cloud, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) embarked on an end-user research study to look at the current state of cloud-based analytics.

    For this research, EMA invited business stakeholders and information technology professionals to complete an extensive web-based survey. As part of the survey, 257 panelists responded to an invitation to provide their insights on cloud-based analytics and business intelligence strategies and implementation practices.

    Download this white paper for a view of cloud-based analytics and business intelligence strategies around the globe in terms of strategy, project implementation, and horizontal infrastructure.