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TDWI Virtual Events 2021

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TDWI Virtual Events

We are planning our 2021 virtual events and are looking for experienced practitioners like you to join our esteemed speaker community!

TDWI Events provide insightful and impactful sessions with industry experts that not only help shape our attendees' careers but also drive change and innovation within their organizations.

Our goal is to bring together a passionate group of vendor-neutral speakers who want to share their experience with their peers and help drive the future of this industry. For these events, we are seeking case study speakers and expert practitioners who are willing to share their knowledge and are not employed by a solution provider. Most sessions are 30-45 minutes.

Suggested topics include, but not limited to:

  • Predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Modern, unified programs for BI and analytics
  • Driving innovation through adoption of cloud data platforms
  • Data governance, privacy, and security
  • Modern data architectures and platforms
  • Data literacy across business
  • Data pipelines, self-service data preparation, and real-time data integration
  • Data quality
  • Unified data platforms
  • AI ethics, bias, and explainability
  • Tapping into relational and nonrelational data platforms
  • Data virtualization

Ideal case study speakers come from business and are willing to discuss their organization’s success with a project or initiative.

Expert speakers are experienced practitioners who can provide frameworks and best practices for a leadership audience.

We value our market community, but do not accept submissions that come from solution providers, professional speakers, or motivational speakers.

We are keeping this CFS open, and submissions will be considered for Virtual events throughout 2021. TDWI will contact you directly if there is an interest in including your submission in one of our events.