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TDWI Events 2022

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Case Study Speakers

We are planning 2022 events, and are looking for experienced practitioners like you to join our esteemed speaker community!

TDWI Summit Events provide insightful and impactful sessions for leaders in BI, analytics, and data management that not only help shape our attendees' careers but also drive change and innovation within their organizations. Our goal is to bring together a passionate group of vendor-neutral speakers who want to share their experience with their peers and help drive the future of this industry.

Our case study speakers are a valuable part of every summit program. If you are willing to share your business’s experiences and lessons learned with a project and initiative, we would love to hear from you! Our case study sessions are 30-45 minutes, and are part of both our virtual and in-person summit events.

You will find the topics we are looking for in the form below.

Please note: We do not accept case studies from consultants or solution providers.

If you are a consultant, consider submitting a course proposal. And if you are solution provider, you can nominate a customer to present a case study.